26 Aug

On March 11, in response to the escalating situation in Cambodia caused by the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, chairman of Prince Holding Group, better known as Prince Group, affirms the Group's commitment to social responsibilities by announcing plans to donate $3 million to Cambodia's anti-epidemic efforts. Chen Zhi has offered his assistance during the Kingdom's time of need and has voiced his strong support for Prime Minister Hun Sen's efforts to combat the ongoing epidemic.

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Prince Group is one of Cambodia's largest corporate conglomerates, with operations in real estate development, banking and finance, aviation, tourism, logistics, technology, food and beverages, and lifestyle.

Cambodia had reported 1,163 coronavirus cases as of 7 a.m. on March 11. While more than half of the cases have been cured, the Kingdom has recently seen a surge in cases as a result of what is being referred to locally as the "February 20 incident," with the COVID-19 caseload appearing to have spread to 10 provinces and cities across the Kingdom.

About Prince Holding Group

Prince Holding Group is one of Cambodia's largest conglomerates, with various units focusing on three core areas: real estate development, financial services, and consumer services.

Prince Real Estate Group, Prince Huan Yu Real Estate Group, Prince Bank, Cambodia Airways, and Awesome Global Investment Group are among the key business units of Prince Holding Group in Cambodia. Prince Holding Group has over 80 subsidiaries in Cambodia that operate in real estate development, banking, finance, aviation, tourism, logistics, technology, food and beverages, and lifestyle sectors, among others.

Rising foreign direct investment, free trade agreements with leading countries, and future participation in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership are expected to be key drivers for the Cambodian economy, aided by government pro-industry policy initiatives.

Prince Holding Group has laid the groundwork to be a vital conduit for local and international capital by leveraging a network of industrial, business, and financial professionals across Asia. Moving forward, Prince Holding Group will continue to look for ways to play an important role in Cambodia, whether through partnerships or direct investments in key industries for the benefit of Cambodians and the local economy.

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