28 Oct

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, Chairman of Prince Holding Group, one of Cambodia's largest and fastest expanding conglomerates, has donated US$1 million to the Laos government in response to Cambodian authorities' request to boost collaboration with Laos in fighting the pandemic.

Chen Zhi is not unfamiliar with Cambodia. He is the driving force behind the successful Cambodian Group of firms, which includes Prince Holding Group, Prince Real Estate Group, Prince Bank, Prince Huan Yu, Belt Road Capital Management, and Cambodia Airways.

At the 2021 International Business Awards, the Cambodian entrepreneur was also named Entrepreneur of the Year – Conglomerates, making him the only entrepreneur rewarded in a category that honours CEOs leading multi-industry firms. Furthermore, he is one of three Asian CEOs who were acknowledged for active entrepreneurialism in many sectors during one of the most difficult years in business leadership.

In an era when major corporations are meeting their social responsibilities, Neak Oknha Chen Zhi and his Prince Group Cambodia leadership team have been working relentlessly to be a force for good in Cambodia, helping the Kingdom fight the pandemic. Read more here

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